The ultimate in 3D audio.

Blackbird Studio C is simply the finest immersive mix and playback environment in the world. The room’s open floor plan was designed by multiple Grammy and TEC Award-winner, producer, engineer, and inventor George Massenburg and Dr. Peter D’Antonio, founder of RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. The design focuses on sound diffusion and is created from a 10,000-page Excel spreadsheet based on acoustic diffusion algorithms. The result is a mix of art and function: 138,646 individual sticks of formaldehyde-free MDF wood in four-foot-by-eight-foot sheets, with no two being the same size or length. The studio contains slightly more than 100,000 lbs. of wood on the walls.

Notable:9.1.6 Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality AudioTasks:Immersive audio reference/mix room, overdubsClients:Don Henley, Garth Brooks, Neil Young, Snoop Dogg, H.E.R., The Weeknd

Studio C equipment list

Dolby Atmos setup
  • (3) ATC SCM300s for the LCR
  • (12) ATC SCM100s for the surrounds and overheads
  • (6) ATC SCM0.1-15s for the LFE and bass management
  • (1) Avid MTRX with (1) Sonnet Chassis and (2) Avid HDX cards for 128 channels
  • Antelope 10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock
  • AVID S6 Control Surface
  • Mac Pro running Pro Tools Ultimate 2022.7
  • Mac Mini running Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite
Sony 360 setup
  • (3) Ear level mounted Genelec 8361As for L-C-R channels
  • (3) Height Mounted Genelec 8361As for Hight L-C-R channels
  • (3) Floor level Genelec 8361As for Bottom L-C-R channels
  • (2) Rear Ear Level Genelec 8361As for Rear L-R channels
  • (2) Rear Hight Genelec 8361As for Rear Hight L-R channels
  • Mac mini running Protools Ultimate 2022.7
  • Avid HDX Sony Walkmix plugin for ProTools
API THE BOX SETUP (overdubs):
Mac mini or Mac Pro running Protools Ultimate 2022.7
  • Avid HDX 16 channel I/O
  • Genelec 8361As Stereo Monitoring
  • (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & integral 550A EQ
  • (2) input channels with mic/instrument/line preamp, HP filter, & 500 slot
  • (2) compressors assignable to input channels or program bus with stereo link
  • (16) summing channels (20 channels during mix)
  • Stereo program bus with master fader, insert, and external input
  • One (1) stereo and (2) mono auxiliary sends/buses
  • Stereo cue send/bus & headphone system
  • PFL, AFL, and solo-in-place solo modes with stereo solo bus
  • Full-featured monitor section that supports two stereo monitor systems
  • Talkback system
  • Comprehensive rear panel connections with balanced inputs and outputs
  • Integrated power supply
Separate Vocal Booth and Lounge.